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custom motorcycle seats

Long Island, NY Located in Plainview.

When a motorcycle seat doesn’t feel right right or look good, it ruins your ride. You might buy the best looking bike in the show room and want to change the look a bit. R&R Seats, Inc. can help you take your basic plain seat and change it to anything you’ve dreamed. Our leather upholstery services for custom motorcycle seats are one of a kind.

Every Japanese street bike, chopper, sport bike, dirt bike, Harley, Indian, enduro, street fighter and scrambler has its own distinctive look and feel. One thing they have in common: the original seat rarely fits the rider. Also, They rarely fit, because OEM motorcycle seats are never manufactured for you. They're made to fit an "average" body. The solution? A custom-fitted seat and high performance motorcycle upholstery from R&R Seats, Inc. Auto Interiors & Tops. Design a brand new seat that makes your bike stand out from the rest with our custom motorcycle seats upholstery services.

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